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img-01cStucco Siding Inspection Solutions is a stucco and building envelope inspection company located in beautiful Alpharetta Georgia. Our service area includes the Metro Atlanta area including Duluth, Marietta, Cumming and Roswell.

We specialize in stucco siding inspections and repairs and much more including; window installation and replacements, exterior painting and other residential remodeling projects. Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions are certified EIFS professionals with years of expertise and education in our field. Upon completion of inspection and repairs we provide a Waterproof Warranty offering full REPAIR coverage of damages related to future exterior moisture intrusions, moisture barriers and exterior woodwork malfunction.

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What is Stucco?

The term “Stucco” is used to describe an exterior plaster; a material made of an aggregate, a binder and water, applied as a two or three part wet coating that hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a decorative coating to cover less visually appealing construction materials such as wood, metal lath, concrete, cinder block, clay brick and adobe. Stucco is favored as a siding material for its attractiveness, durability and its relatively low-maintenance exterior finish factor.

Common Stucco Problems

Although stucco systems have been used for many decades in architecture, in recent years it has become popular to place stucco over wood sheathing and studs. These systems can be very well designed and thought out, but unfortunately they rely upon installation details that are completely concealed after the stucco system is finished. The most important part of the stucco cladding system is the moisture barrier and flashing system. Unfortunately many homes built in the last couple of decades have severe water damage due to poor detailing by the original installers. As these issues are concealed within the wall cavities, many of them go unforeseen by the home owner until extensive damage is done or professional testing is performed. Fortunately, some issues, if caught early enough, do not require complete removal of the stucco. Often times however, large wall surfaces need to be opened or completely removed to make effective repairs. The most drastic cases are entire home tear offs.

Signs Water is Building up in Your Walls

Most often there are no visible signs that water is building up in your walls. It is only with a comprehensive professional moisture intrusion inspection that a professional stucco inspection company like Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions can identify any issues behind the stucco. We utilize many different methods and tools to identify potential trouble spots. Regardless of the suspect areas we identify, it is impossible to know exactly how much moisture is trapped without penetrating the stucco and directly measuring the moisture content of the building materials behind. An intrusive probe is necessary for the determination of the extent of specific moisture content. The level of moisture content of the homes substrate, including recent weather conditions, indicates to us how best to personalize our approach to address your specific issues.

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