Why Hire Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions?

Our warranty gives new stucco/siding home owners peace of mind.
There are certain characteristics of stucco systems that keep potential home buyers from investing in this type of real estate. Our aim is to create a permanent solution to the most common malfunctions. Our preliminary waterproofing services are focused on reducing all of the potential causes of moisture penetration.

* The Waterproof Warranty begins with a thorough system assessment. Inspections are performed with use of highly sophisticated testing equipment utilizing Infrared, digital and ‘snake” cameras, surface & probe moisture readers.

* Years of experience and thousands of inspections have enabled us to determine and resolve the most common malfunctions.

* We provide a high uncompromised level of craftmenship and finest quality materials.

* In our estimates we avoid recommendations that are unnecessary. SsiS’s primary responsibility is to keep our customer’s estate waterproof.

* Renewals of other EIFS bonds & guarantees are always being followed with large bills for maintenance – Waterproof Warranty is one flat annual fee and everything is taken care of.

* Other warranties are written with „small print”, very often you are surprised how much is not covered with the renewal. You may be promised hundreds or thousands of dollars in coverage but in the end, you may be disputing $500 worth of repairs

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