Since 2009 we have offered expert interior and exterior painting. We paint with the highest grade paint and offer competitive prices. We have extensive experience of painting different types of exterior cladding systems including stucco, siding and brick.

Complete Exterior Makeover. Roofing Replacement, Siding and Wood Trim Repair. Painting (Brick and Siding)

Stucco Sprayed and Rolled with High Quality Masonry Paint

Siding and Window Painting

Exterior House Painting

Below are the steps that Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions typically take when painting the exterior of a house:

Pressure Washing.To provide good adhesion of the paint to the surface, we wash the entire house with a pressure washer. Power washing cleans the house from all the built up dirt and dust since the last time the exterior was painted.

Scrape Loose Paint.Some of the old peeling paint may come off with pressure washing. However to get rid of all the old loose paint completely, we scrape it by hand.

Fix Cracks and Holes. Depending on the size of cracks, we may use different materials to fill cracks and holes such as elastomerica patches and latex caulk.

Masking and Covering.Next we mask windows and doors and we cover driveways, walks, decks and plants etc around the home.

Spray Paint. We spray paint the body of the house and inside of the trim. We then wait until the paint dries and then apply a second coat of quality paint.

Brush and Roll.. We paint the outside part of the trim by hand, with a brush and a roller, in order not to get any over spray on the roof tile.

Clean up.The last step of exterior painting is to wait till the paint dries and then clear the house from all protective materials.

Inspection. Finally we do a walk through inspection of the house with the homeowner.

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