Stucco Repairs

There are three exterior envelope systems widely known as “Stucco”:

◦Hard Coat
◦EIFS PB (Polymer based)
◦XEPS PM Very Rare

Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions Inc. provides repairs for all three stucco systems.
Our findings are in no relation to Waterproof Warranty or services necessary to obtain one!

Window Installation and Replacement

Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions provide services of window replacement and installation.

Window malfunction is the most common reason of elevated moisture findings in stucco systems. Inadequate or missing sealant, rotting window woodframe, or structural malfunction creates multiple potential areas of moisture intrusion, that in effect will cause damages in the home structure.

Window replacement in a stucco system should be performed with extra caution. Removal of the frame pieces may cause stucco damage.
Some companies offer installation of so called replacement windows, however leaving the original frame means keeping the old issues. Even covered with aluminum flashing, the window frame is not always safe, flashing junctions are difficult to seal. Penetrating water may get trapped under the flashing and continue to damage the window frame and house framing.
The possibility of moisture intrusion due to missing sealant, window damage or malfunction increases even more when the window is situated close to ground level. Location of the window may be a factor of its performance and longevity. Lower level windows are exposed to deflecting rain, ground vapor and shade of shrubbery, while the windows under the roof overhang will show less potential for weather damage.
To assure flawless performance of the window or door unit, all our new installations are performed with high quality pvc or aluminum products (unless otherwise requested).
Pan flashing, backer rod are installed if necessary and low modulus sealant is applied around the window perimeter.
In the case of a surrounding window stucco system malfunction (for instance the trim is tilted „in”) we will correct it to make sure that possibility of future moisture penetration is reduced to a minimum.

Siding Repairs

Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions provide services in the area of siding repairs and siding installation.
In case of a new system installation, we apply and warranty Hardiplank siding products only. Upon request we will install Low-e house wrap to increase system energy efficiency.

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