Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions provide Waterproof Warranties for stucco, siding and stucco-siding homes.

Annual price: $100* Upon re-inspection

What is Covered:
Repair of moisture damages to the house frame and substrate* up to $80 000
20% discount off actual market prices on:
◦diverter flashing repair and replacement (kickout, drip cap, deck flashing)
◦high moisture area check up (5”x 5” opening)
◦sealant repairs (All of the documented SsiS inc. sealant applications are subject to three years full warranty

◦window, door, trim wood rot repair (All of the documented SsiS inc. exterior wood rot repair are subject to three years full warranty)

What is Not covered:
◦Bird/rodent damages
◦Settlement damages: cracks, loose stucco, bulges (with time & structural settlement of the house this type of damages tend to decrease in number)
◦Weather related damages: (mostly covered by home insurance)
◦Man made damages: cuts, impact damages, heat damages
◦Interior, roofing, pest damages.

Our Waterproof Warranty is a legal bond that after modifications (if necessary) the house will be sealed and protected structurally from moisture intrusion.

Thanks to use of highly sophisticated moisture detections methods we are able to determine structural defect areas with incredible precision, then address their malfunction.

To obtain a Waterproof Warranty some window and door frame alterations or replacement may be necessary.
We promise to replace your windows only with quality pvc or aluminum units.

To provide bird hole coverage SsiS will need to resurface and reinforce the most compromised areas.

We will install drip cap flashings and pan (under the window sill) flashings if necessary.

We will use the highest quality low modulus sealant to waterproof affected areas.

Waterproof Warranties vs other type of coverage available on the market.
* Renewals of other EIFS bonds & free of moisture guarantees are always being followed with large bills for maintenance – Waterproof Warranty cost one flat annual fee and everything is being taken care of.
* Other warranties are written with “small print” and very often you are surprised how much is not covered when you renew. You may be promised hundreds or thousands of dollars in coverage but in the end, you will be disputing $500 worth of repairs.

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