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What is the Most Serious Problem with Exterior Stucco in Canton, GA? Old Caulk, Cracks Turning Black & More

Stucco failure is a common problem that can be unsightly and even dangerous. When stucco fails the internal structure is compromised, allowing moisture and pests into your home. Both pests and moisture can lead to rot and damage your home’s wood studs and framing that supports the entire home. As a homeowner it is important…

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What Happens if Water Gets Behind Stucco in Lawrenceville, GA? Staining, Soft Spots & Other Signs of Damage

Water damage is something that no homeowner ever wants to experience. It can be costly and frustrating to fix. Unfortunately, there is water damage that happens to homes every day. If you have a stucco home, that doesn’t mean that you are invincible to water damage. It can still happen. If your stucco has sustained…

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How is a Stucco Siding Inspection Done in Duluth, GA? Why is Proper Installation & Repairs So Important?

Stucco siding is a common choice for many homeowners as it offers protection against the elements as well as providing a decorative element. However, it has become commonplace to see improperly installed stucco in the last few decades. Leaks, mold, and various structural damages are usually the result of poorly installed stucco. Since many of…

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