What is the Most Serious Problem with Exterior Stucco in Canton, GA? Old Caulk, Cracks Turning Black & More

Stucco failure is a common problem that can be unsightly and even dangerous. When stucco fails the internal structure is compromised, allowing moisture and pests into your home. Both pests and moisture can lead to rot and damage your home’s wood studs and framing that supports the entire home. As a homeowner it is important to watch for signs of stucco failure and seek stucco repairs before it is too late. Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions will cover some of the classic stucco failure warning signs to help you know when to seek stucco repairs.

Water Stains on Walls & Ceilings

Whether you have lived in a home for one year or ten years, water leaks or water stains can and do happen. You might notice that your walls or ceiling suddenly develops water stains or are damp. Should this occur, you will want to investigate immediately. You will first want to determine if the water stain is coming from a leaking pipe or faucet. If the leak is not coming from your home’s plumbing system, it may be coming from outside. Leaks in the ceiling and especially the walls is a sign that the stucco is failing and is allowing water from outside to come inside your home. If you cannot pinpoint the source of the leak, you most likely have stucco failure.

Old Caulk Around Doors & Windows

Around the edges or frames of the doors and windows, caulking is used to seal in the gaps to prevent leaks. When the caulking ages, it tends to shrink or even break off, allowing moisture to begin eroding the framing and stucco. Stucco often begins to fail first around the doors and windows when the caulking fails. Often you will see cracks and pieces of stucco breaking off around your doors and windows. Check your doors and windows and make sure to reseal the edges to prevent stucco damages. However, if you discover cracks or pieces of the stucco breaking off around the doors and windows, seek stucco repairs.

Stucco Cracks Turning Black

Small cracks may develop in the stucco. Most people are not alarmed over a small crack or two. However, when the cracks begin to turn black or appear discolored, this is a strong indicator that you have a problem. When the cracks begin to develop discoloration, this is a sign that moisture or fungi is developing in the cracks. Soon the stucco will begin to erode and break apart. When cracks develop, it is important to also check your stucco for:
• Heavy Staining
• Bulges in the Stucco
• Missing Stucco
If your stucco has any of these problems you will want to get your stucco repaired. These are often early warning signs that will lead into bigger problems.

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When stucco develops a problem it can begin to break and allow moisture and pests into your home. The stucco is your home’s defense from the outside world. It is important as the homeowner to monitor your home’s stucco and get the repairs done before it turns into a bigger problem. For fast and quality stucco inspection, repairs and more, contact Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions today.

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