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When Should I Worry About Cracks & Bulges in Stucco in Roswell, GA? Is a Small or Large Crack or Buckle Normal?

In nearly all conditions, stucco’s long-lasting and low-maintenance characteristics make it a perfect siding material. Despite its durability, sometimes the stucco can experience some issues. There are some instances that can make the stucco crack or even bulge. Depending on the issue you are seeing will dictate the approach experts will make for the right…

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How Does Stucco Get Damaged in Cumming, GA? Damage from Normal Wear, Water, Woodpeckers, Squirrels & More

Being strong, durability, and long-lasting, stucco is an affordable choice for your building or home, just like any other material, it could be at risk for damage. Early damage signs can usually be repaired easily with a stucco repair expert such as Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions. Unfortunately, not addressing your stucco’s damage quickly and properly…

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