When Should I Worry About Cracks & Bulges in Stucco in Roswell, GA? Is a Small or Large Crack or Buckle Normal?

In nearly all conditions, stucco’s long-lasting and low-maintenance characteristics make it a perfect siding material. Despite its durability, sometimes the stucco can experience some issues. There are some instances that can make the stucco crack or even bulge. Depending on the issue you are seeing will dictate the approach experts will make for the right repair. For instance, deep cracks are far more serious than hairline cracks, and bulging can be a significant problem or nothing but an aesthetic imperfection. Today, we at Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions would like to explain the issues with cracks and bulges in the stucco siding.

Are Small Cracks in Stucco Normal?

Small cracks still could signify damage, though not as problematic as larger. Your exterior integrity of your home is not in danger if in the event the cracks are smaller than 1/16 inches. However, repairing them right away will head off the issue turning into something worse in any case. Use a high-quality caulk and brush to stipple the area while wet to repair a small crack. This will help it blend in with the exterior of your home. paint can be applied once it has cured.

Do You Need to Fix Large Stucco Cracks?

A structural problem that should be addressed can be indicated by larger cracks that is a sign you have an issue. At intersections of vertical walls, upper window corners or door frames, or at wood framing and concrete joints is where you usually find the larger racks. It can allow water to penetrate the building since larger cracks are often deeper. It is a good idea to address it quickly because of this. A professional with abilities to look at what the causes are and how best to fix them and the underlying issues causing them are better suited to handles the dep cracks in the stucco.

Does Stucco Bulging or Buckling Mean Failing?

A sign that water has been trapped inside the walls manifests with bulging in the stucco. Materials are softened due to the water exposure around it making them warp and hang. Eventually, the wet stucco will break away and fall off in sheets. You also run the risk of paint failure, rot, mold, smells and potentially irreparable damage. Repairing bulging stucco is often best left to professionals, just like with deeper cracks. It can be a real challenge to get inside your walls and determining if the stucco is wet. It can be intimidating for homeowners on their own to remove the wet, ruined plaster and putting up new.

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In any case, when you see cracks, bulges, and other signs of damage in the stucco in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas, call in the experts of Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions and let our qualified expert inspect, diagnose, and repair. We can help you maintain your stucco and ensure it is repaired right the first time. Our professionals have the training, experience and skills to ensure your stucco is in good hands. Also, to make certain that repairs are done with quality, long-lasting results, we use advanced equipment and premium products.

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