What Do I Need to Know About a Stucco House in Sandy Springs, GA? How to Maintain Exterior Stucco & More

When you look at homes you will notice most of them use a stucco siding or exterior. Stucco has been around for a very long time and has proven to be an excellent material for a home’s exterior. However, what is stucco exactly and does it need repair or maintenance? For those who have a stucco exterior on their home, there is a lot to know about stucco and how to care for it. Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions would like to share some of the basics on stucco and how to properly care for your home’s stucco exterior.

Short Answer; What is Stucco

Stucco is a type of cement that is applied to the outside of a home and occasionally, on the inside walls. Stucco is made of a lime and sand mixture and is applied in layers until it is about an inch thick. The texture of the stucco can vary. The texture often depends on how it is applied and the desired look of the home’s exterior. Stucco can be applied on masonry and wood framing of home and other structures. Stucco has a number of benefits which is why it is used so often. Stucco is durable and can last a long time and even withstand impact damage with little repairs. Stucco is also fire resistant which is ideal for home in the mountains or one surrounded by trees. Stucco is also one of the affordable materials and can be applied very easily.

How Do You Maintain Exterior Stucco

As stucco is extremely durable, it does require some maintenance and repairs from time to time. The key to ensuring your stucco lasts is repairing smaller problems before they become worse. When you have stucco, as a homeowner you should inspect your stucco annually. If you discover a crack, water stain or other distressful signs, you will want to have them repaired quickly. Along with repairing and maintaining smaller problems, it helps to keep the stucco clean. You do not need to clean the stucco constantly. However when dirt, mold or other substances develop along the sides of the stucco ,you will want to have the stucco cleaned. Stucco color will fade over time so it doesn’t hurt to repaint the outside of the stucco every 8 to 10 years. To help prevent major stucco problems, it is recommended that you keep the stucco dry. When you have water from sprinklers or a planter making contact with the stucco the moisture will cause damages. You never want water to be constantly touching the stucco or it will crumble and allow moisture into the inner walls of the home. When cracks develop or pieces of the stucco break off, consider seeking a professional stucco repair service. It is important that stucco is repaired properly or it can lead to major damages inside the walls.

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When problems develop, do not wait too long to have them repaired. Time is key when protecting your home and maintaining your stucco. If your home develops stucco cracks, holes, bulges and other problems, contact Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions today.

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