When Should I Fix My Stucco Cracks in South Fulton, GA? What is Normal Cracking & When to Be Concerned

If you have a stucco exterior and have noticed that there are some cracks showing up on your home, you may be wondering when you need to be worried about them and get them fixed. There are several factors that come into play when you’re deciding the right time to have your stucco repaired. First of all, there are several different kinds of stucco cracks you could be dealing with. Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions is here to talk about the right time to repair your stucco cracks.

What are Normal Stucco Cracks & When Should I Be Concerned?

The type of stucco crack that you’re dealing with will determine the severity of the damage to your stucco. Depending on the type of crack you’re working with, the method for repairing the crack will be different. If you aren’t sure what type you have, here is a guide to what stucco cracks can look like.
– Hairline Cracks: The most common cracks that are found in stucco are hairline cracks. These are cracks that are less than 1/16 inch wide. They show up most often in new construction. They happen when the house settles into the soil a bit, the wood dries or or other reasons that are closely related to the settling process after building a home.
– Foam Trim Cracks: It isn’t uncommon for cracks to form on the trim around doors and windows. This is often because the foam mesh tape wasn’t used when the stucco was installed. The cracks occurs as expansion and shrinkage happen with the elements.
– Spider Cracking: If the cracks on your home look like a spider web, you are dealing with spider cracking. This is usually a result of the base coat not getting installed properly. The mix is usually too watery and leaves the base coat drying too quickly which will lead to cracks.
– Pattern Cracking: Have you noticed that the cracks in your stucco seem to follow a pattern? Usually the pattern cracking shows up in a grid pattern. If the lath isn’t installed properly and not nailed on properly, it leads to cracking.
– Diagonal Cracking: This is the most concerning cracking that you can have. If you have cracks that are diagonally found on your walls, it is usually caused because there as a problem with your foundation. There has to be a significant shift for these types of cracks to happen.

Can Cracked Stucco Be Repaired?

It doesn’t matter what type of cracking you are dealing with, you want to make sure you fix them right away. Any cracks to your stucco mean that your home doesn’t have the protection that it needs from the elements. While hairline cracks might be something that you can handle fixing on your own, most of the cracks found in stucco should be repaired by a professional.

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