Does Stucco Deteriorate from Moisture Damage in Dunwoody, GA? What Happens if Water Gets Behind Stucco?

Before you look into repairs, you will need to know what caused it if you have found any water damage in your stucco. Knowing how water got behind the stucco is critical. Generally, the stucco being poorly made and installed on your home is the most common reason. Quality stucco will repel water when it is made and applied well. This is enough to keep it safe in most cases. Unfortunately, stucco actually starts absorbing water instead when it is poorly made. If the stucco was not installed proficiently, you can see the suffering damage as well. Ultimately, you will have more problems for you later down the line if in the event the contractor doesn’t have the right experience. If they neglect the proper drainage, the water cannot be allowed to escape. Additionally, if the sealing is inadequate, water will infiltrate around the doors and windows as well. With this in mind, we at Stucco Siding Inspections Solutions would like to take the opportunity to discuss the importance of addressing early signs of water damage to your stucco siding.

What Happens if Water Gets Behind Stucco?

1) Rot and Aesthetics. Around the home, there is always something that needs to be done, and the seemingly minimal water damage may not seem very urgent. It is important to know however, water-damaged stucco isn’t just a cosmetic concern. It will start to cause rot if you ignore that water damage for long enough. Then, it’ll rot the entire walls of your house if you ignore that water damage for long enough. Ignoring the initial water damage can cost the expensive consequences of rebuilding your home’s walls.
2) Mold and Mildew. You will be highly at risk of mold in addition to the rot when you ignore moisture problems. The less mold you’ll have to handle the quicker you take care of the water damage. Mold remediation can also be an expensive process.
3) Problems Reselling the Home. When it comes to selling your home, water damage will need to be a consideration. Curb appeal plays a big role in selling a home but selling a home damaged with the water can hurt your success. Since it can be hiding bigger issues, should there be water damage to the stucco, many prospective buyers won’t buy a home.

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You will want to address any signs of water damage as quickly as possible. Stucco repair is not a skill learned over an internet video; it takes a dedicated specialists to ensure it is done right. Call the professionals right away when you see any issues. We will first want to inspect and assess the extent of the water damage. We have the right equipment and expertise to locate the damage and get a good estimate of the unseen damage. Typically, we can see inside the wall and whether any water has made its way in after drilling a small hole in the wall. Once it has been assessed, we then recommend the correct course of action. For stucco repair services in Atlanta, GA, call in the experts of Stucco Siding Inspections Solutions and let us assist you.

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