What is Involved in an Exterior Stucco Siding Inspection in Roswell, GA? Check for Moisture, Cracks & More

Many homeowners like the clean look that comes with stucco siding. It is a low maintenance type of siding that will look great no matter how old it gets. It is important that you are maintaining your stucco siding right though. Even though it doesn’t take much, you need to clean it and inspect it for any signs that it has been damaged in any way. Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions is here to talk about some of the basics in inspecting your stucco siding and how to clean it.

How Often Should Stucco Siding Be Cleaned?

If you are like many people, you don’t think about cleaning the outside of your home nearly as often as you clean the inside. Even though it may not look dirty, you would be surprised at how much dirt and grime can start to accumulate on your stucco siding. Generally speaking, you should clean your stucco siding at least once a year to keep it looking good and avoiding damage. You may live in a climate that requires more cleaning than that to avoid things like mold and mildew growth though. The frequency that you clean your stucco will really depend on where you live and your climate. Whenever you are cleaning your stucco, that is a great time to give it a thorough inspection as well. This will help you fix any problems that may be present before they get larger and more costly.

What Problems Do I Need to Look for when Inspecting Exterior Stucco Siding?

There are a number of different weather events that can lead to damage on your stucco siding. Elements like hailstorms, heavy rainfall, or even excessive wind can lead to problems. Following are some of the things that you should be looking for as you inspect your siding for damage.
– Hairline cracks
– Cracks found on the trim due to improper installation
– Spider cracks that probably formed because the base layer wasn’t fully cured before the top layer was put on. Could also be caused by weather or a bad stucco mixture as well.
– Patterned cracks that are also a sign of improper installation
– Diagonal cracks that are present because of shifting or doors and windows opening and closing
– Discoloration due to moisture damage
– Nickeling that is caused by heavy hailstorms
– Presence of mold or mildew after water damage of some sort

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If you aren’t sure you have the knowledge and training needed to inspect your stucco siding effectively, you can turn to Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions to come and make sure there aren’t any issues that need to be addressed on the exterior of your house. If there are problems with your siding, you can turn to us for all of your stucco siding repairs. We will make sure your stucco siding isn’t leaving your home susceptible to damage. Call us today!

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