When Should Stucco Be Repaired in Marietta, GA? Cracks, Water Stains, Rust Spots, Bad Stucco Job & More

Stucco can last for long enough as long as it is properly maintained and cared for. Stucco is not resistant to damage even after that. Trapped water can easily cause problems to the finish since it is a porous material. Today, we at Stucco Siding Inspection Solutions would like to discuss the ways to identify when your stucco needs repair. If in the event any of these signs are present in your stucco, you should call in a professional for quality repairs.

Should I Be Worried About Cracks in Stucco?

When you start seeing cracks in the finish is a sure sign that your stucco needs repair. There can be damage due to various reasons, though it is a fairly durable material. In the stucco, insects and pets can inflict damage. Eventually, it will destroy the appearance of the exterior and take down the smooth finish. When heavy things or equipment accidentally impact the finish, stucco cracks can also occur. It can eventually fall even with a simple touch with high winds can also loosen the stucco.

Water Stains on Stucco

It definitely needs repair if in the event you find water stains in the stucco, which is typically brownish or red. Due to the water intrusion that penetrated the material, these spots develop. The usual intrusion comes from leaks at the door base, discoloration of the window base, lines below the window intersection, and/ or simply feel a mold-like smell. These cases require immediate stucco repairs by a reputable professional. From the formation of water droplets that didn’t find any space to escape can make water stains occur. Make sure that you have identified where the water is coming from.

Rust Spots on Stucco

It probably needs repair when you see that there are rust stains on your residential stucco. Permanent damage can occur if the rusty mold spreads throughout the stucco. To save the appearance and conditioning of the house, you may have to completely replace the stucco. You can hire stucco contractors who can easily repair it by identifying it quickly. It is not visible to the naked eye, but rebar rust is also there in some cases. If the rebar is rusted as it is inside the concrete material, a professional can identify.

Bad Stucco Job During Installation

The poor installation of the stucco is another warning sign stucco is in need of a professional. If the stucco is not properly installed, the cracks on the foam trim are clear symptoms. The stucco has chances of cracking and falling when the seam is not properly connected. You should diagnose the areas with an incomplete finish. In such cases. Since it will damage the material if left untreated, call your local stucco contractors and ask them to finish the work. To ensure that no insect can enter the stucco finish, you need to make sure that the base coat is also done properly.

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